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How has Zoom worked for our support group?

Pat from Tadley

Here’s feedback from one of our regulars, Pat from Tadley, who’s been joining our online support meetings throughout the pandemic.

“Depression Expression meetings have helped me in the past, so as soon as lockdown came into force in March 2020, I knew that I would need the support once again. I began to join in the weekly Zoom chats, and once people became used to the idea of talking to each like this, they became a life saver.

What has helped is that the group attracts a regular following and we have been able to get to know each other well. At the same time, the group is welcoming and inclusive to new people, one of whom commented that it was nice to see how well we got on with each other. It is a very friendly space; you can say as much or as little as you want, without anyone judging. It’s OK if you want to talk about the same subject matter each week, which is good, because it means people can vent their issues in the group rather than to those around them.

The format has varied between having TED talks, speakers and just chatting. The speakers have been good and although I have heard some of the information before, I always learn something new. In particular, I picked up a valuable tip about eating porridge oats before bedtime – it helps me sleep better! Given that we all have experiences in common, there is a lot we can gain from talking to each other. Best of all, it makes you realise you’re not alone in what you feel.

As much as I’m looking forward to seeing people in person again, I will miss the weekly chats if they don’t continue. Back in the winter when it was cold, dark, and looking exceptionally bleak out there, I could have a bit of a laugh on these calls, and it helped to fill the gap left by not being able to speak to people in person. It provided much-needed support to get through what really was a difficult time, and has even inspired me to start volunteering for the group!

Depression Expression has been there for me when I really needed people to talk to. I hope it can always be there for others in the future.”

Pat from Tadley, May 2021.

Our online support group continues on Monday evenings at 7.00pm. Everyone is welcome and no booking is required. Please join our Facebook Group for details.